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Welcome to our Academy


– the only place to train if you are just entering the eyelash industry, if you are an existing technician that wants to improve their existing skills, or learn the Russian Volume Technique

Our Professional ABT Accredited training is delivered by highly experienced trainers in small classes to ensure that each student receives the correct level of training they require. Accreditation not only ensures that your training is of a good standard but also means that the certificate you receive will enable you to obtain professional beauty insurance.

The training is broken down into step by step stages to allow the learner to gain confidence before progressing to the next stage.

A Pre-Learning manual is sent out one week before the course to cover all essential health and safety information and a short assessment paper will be completed at the end of the course. The Pre-Learning manual will ensure that the time spent within the classroom will concentrate on the practical application.

As with all new skills, practice is of the utmost importance and you will learn more and gain confidence with every treatment you do.

After training, learners will be required to complete case studies before being issued with their certificates.

Ongoing support and access to our private Facebook group are available after certification.

“Start your Lash Journey with us, small classes or one to one you decide. “

Beginners Classic Lash Training £295

For those that have never applied eyelash extensions, and would like to enter the industry.


Background to Brow Fusion, Benefits of Brow Fusion, Health & Safety, Skin structure. +more


For the Beauty Therapist who wishes to take their skills to the next level.


A new and exciting era, in eyebrow colouring and styling. Eyebrow henna gives you the ability to achieve long lasting, defined and contoured eyebrows.
This course is for anyone with a genuine interest in the latest eyebrow techniques and industry specialists alike.


Our Russian Volume Lash Training is designed to teach you this hugely popular eyelash extension treatment. Russian Volume Lashes (also known as Russian Lashes and 3D-6D lashes) originated in Russia and is now highly in demand in both the USA and Europe. This multi-lash layering technique involves adhering synthetic, ultra-fine lashes onto a single natural lash. The main benefit of Russian Volume Lashes is that it gives clients a full, high impact glamorous look with extreme natural looking volume.


Include’s full kit & lifetime support


Include’s full kit & lifetime support


Include’s full kit & lifetime support


Include’s full kit & lifetime support

A marathon runner cant just get up and go and complete a race without putting in the hard work first. Right?

They train every day sometimes multiple times a day. Each time they go out to train they improve their fitness, technique and skill a little more until they have built up the strength and stamina to endure the miles of running and complete the race. Time to rest and recover is also vitally important, in fact equally as important as the training itself.

When you think about it, the marathon is the end goal but to get there the runner has taken lots of small steps.

So why am I talking about running????

Lets translate this into lashes.

To be able to complete a perfect full volume set, or applying a new skill such as capping, stacking, feathering and ensuring the eye styling is spot on requires LOTS of practice.

Practicing fan pick up technique, practicing glue dipping technique, finding the right pair of tweezers for you, finding the right adhesive for you, understanding lash thickness and how to calculate the volumetric weight of a lash in order to apply the correct one to keep it safe, practising isolation, lash placement, direction, mapping, graduation, uniformity, using mannequin heads, sponges, friends/family the list is endless.


Book your place on one of our courses and get ready to discover a whole new and exciting world of eyelash extensions.